We try to make our approach to each project as simple as possible. In order to craft your message specifically for the marketing platforms you utilize, we focus on the desired results and work our way backward in order to deliver a project that meets your deadline and goals.


The first step in our process is also the most important: it’s the foundation we build on. You have objectives, a target audience and marketing goals. This is where we gather all the information needed to plan the best approach.


The creative process is taking action on what we learned. Together we begin the process of crafting your story into your strategic content. Scripting, filming, and editing all happen here. During this stage, your vision becomes reality.


Upon approval of your final content, you will receive multiple files encoded for your specific platforms as well as a final master file. And of course, the delivery will be on time and on budget! Our hope is that you will be proud of the work we accomplished together.