My three year old can shoot video. Why should I hire a production company?

This is my daughter. Whenever she sees me with a camera, she immediately does two things. First, she flashes a big grin and strikes an outrageous pose. Once her picture has been taken, she asks if she can take my picture. I show her the shutter button and away she goes, having an absolute blast. Are her pictures any good? Other than a few lucky shots, not really. However, she has fun and today’s technology lets her get a decent picture or video every once in awhile.

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Know Your Client

Do you ever have those times when you think you are doing the right thing but as time moves on, you realize that you were far from your intended target? This happened to me recently.

There was a Mother’s Day tea in our 5th grade son’s class, and it was my job to pick up the paper plates, cups and napkins. Not a difficult task – or so I thought. When my wife offered to pick up the party supplies, I insisted that I would do it. After all, she is in charge of the party goods for every other event in our home, so I thought I could lighten her load. She reluctantly passed the baton to me and requested that I get something pretty for the Mother’s Day tea.

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Let there be light!

If I had to pick one piece of equipment to invest in, it would be quality light. Whether you are into photography or video, neither would exist without light; and the results vary greatly depending on the quality of light used.

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