Imaginative. Informative. Simple.

Our goal is to create memorable content for your brand that attracts your target audience. With as much content smattered across the internet today, we know the importance of showcasing your brand’s distinct voice in a variety of ways. We are here to provide you with the digital content to drive your marketing campaigns. We strive to infuse creativity in every project and collaborate with you to drive your marketing goals to success.

Our Mission


Don’t be just another client with an invoice number who receives the same auto generated email as everyone else on your birthday. Be a real person. You are at Willow Creative! We have found that the creative process is more successful as a partnership. At Willow Creative, building a relationship with you is important in order for us to create a product customized to your marketing needs.


Some things just make sense. Why invest so much time and money in just one video? With today’s social media culture, most media has a short shelf life. Our goal is to get as much value as possible out of your production experience by concentrating on the bigger picture: content creation for all your digital marketing efforts with an evergreen focus. We start the process by planning your chief project, then incorporating a plan to extend the life of your investment with your marketing platforms.


Bigger isn’t always better. Why pay for an elegant but rarely used office space, large markup percentages, too many cooks in the kitchen and a bloated production budget? Our compact but experienced team and low overhead allow us to pass those savings onto our clients.